We have 25 years of prestige to provide patients with the highest quality medical care.

Supported by an interdisciplinary team of medical specialists in La Paz, committed to do their best to relieve their pain and help recover their health through comprehensive, professional and excellent medical care. Central of Medical Specialties of La Paz is a private company that was legally constituted in 1990 by a group of enthusiastic physicians to provide a high quality medical care to all patients of Baja California Sur.


Always focused on providing a quality experience.



Offering an extensive experience in the distribution of patent medicines and high specialty, general, healing material, surgical, VAC therapy, osteosynthesis and monitoring equipment.



This Area of the Hospital of Central de Especialidades Medicas of La Paz provides the urgent medical attention to the patients that demand it, in the shortest possible time.


Operating rooms

We provide care through an extensive team of surgeons in the different specialties with facilities equipped to provide quality service.



Providing the newest technological advances to obtain images of the interior of the human body, this has allowed a greater certainty in diagnoses and treatments.


3D Ultrasound

This technique allows to obtain images of the organism not only in the gynecological area, but also in superficial parts, skeletal muscle and more.



This method detects non-palpable breast lesions, palpable abnormalities, pain or a change in the size or shape of the breast even in the presence of implants.


Hospitalization Rooms

Equipped with AC, Telephone, Smart TV, Cable TV, Wi fi, 1 MASTER SUITE that includes waiting room for family, fridge and open hours for visits.



Diagnostic imaging that offers greater clarity and definition with a lower dose of contrast medium at a speed 2 times greater than a conventional tomography.



Process of removing toxins and excess fluids from the blood while tissues by continuously circulating the blood through a filter.

Insurance Services

We are pleased to tell you that we have agreements with the main insurers of the country at a global level. This hospital has an office for care policy holders for when they require advice and technical support to carry different kinds of claims.

  • Programming of Surgery
  • Refunds (in some insurance)
  • Direct payment attention in case of an emergency.

As we reached a high technology era, we included some direct links with the major insurers of the Country, which will take them hand-in-hand for processing or frequently asked questions depending on the case of your claim.

Terms you should be familiar with when an authorization is granted.

  • Deductible may be a specific amount, example a dollar figure, or it may be a percentage of the total amount of the insurance contracted in the policy.
  • Coinsurance usually represents the percentage of the cost you will need to pay and the insurance plan will pay your remaining eligible medical expenses

The conditions of the contracted policy and the agreements it has with the Providers of hospital and medical services.

We accept most insurers.


Consultancy rentals

Central de Especialidades Médicas makes available to you the rent of offices furnished and equipped for the beginning of professional activities in the main areas of health, such as medicine (general and / or specialized). We managed to develop a better scheme of lease of easy contracting and minimum investment.

Monthly Rent Contract Includes:

  • Medical Office
  • Executive Chair for the Doctor
  • Visitor Chairs
  • Examination table
  • Private bathroom
  • Telephone (No long calls, no cell phone)
  • Patient Referral
  • Air conditioner
  • Maintenance Services (Does not include spare parts)
  • Light, Water and Telephone Services.
  • Individual or shared reception area (receptionist not included)
  • Secretary’s desk
  • Secretary chair

The rent for hours Consultorio Médico (information in administration area).

Get a hold of us

Send us a message with any questions or suggestions.

We Are A Private Company.

Our motivation: to provide quality.